Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DNL'ers Make Successful Summit Attempt

Great day today, we had a huge blizzard a week ago and for some hard-to-fathom reason the snow plow guy made an executive decision to pile all the snow from our parking lot into a mammoth 25 foot high Mount Everest-like snow mountain which promptly froze into a giant block of ice. One side of it is a near 90-degree vertical face. We took one look at it and immediately thought "Ice Climbing Expedition 2010"!!
We closed the call-center for an hour, putting a picture of the snow massif on the homepage with a notation that we were closed shortly for "training". The DNL'ers attacked the ice cliff (which we dubbed Mont St. WorkmansComp) with typical enthusiasm and we shortly were successful in getting pretty much everybody to the top where we planted a flag made for the occasion.

As we were partying and having a celebratory toast, suddenly, three trucks from the corporate agency that owns the business park came screeching up and guys start bailing out screaming at us. No amount of reasoning, cajoling or bribes of hot chocolate would convince them that our shenanigans did not constitute grave liability risk and imminent danger of loss of life and limb. All of our neighbors in the business park were hanging out of their doors staring at the once again clearly mad DNL folks.

It was great fun and it was fantastic to blow off a little steam with the staff. We need to do more of that and remember the "Pirate Ship" culture that got us where we are.

Some brave call-center staff

Craig Brey, Expedition Leader

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  1. Is that why no one answered the phone?? :)