Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June  10, 2014

To All Diamond Nexus Friends and Customers:

Since we went public with the announcement of our support for marriage equality and our backing of the lawsuit in Wisconsin to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage, we have gotten a good deal of feedback, both good and bad, from our customers. 

Many of our customers have expressed their dismay at our position and have told us in no uncertain terms that they want to take their business elsewhere. Many have said that we should not mix politics and personal feelings with business.

Diamond Nexus has always had a relationship with our customers that goes well beyond the normal company/consumer connection. Because of that I feel that all of our customers deserve a explanation as to what our thoughts were in taking this stance that's free of marketing spin and hype. Just a straightforward honest answer that comes from my heart.

Since I started this company in 2005, I've always tried to have it reflect the things I believe in. It's impossible for me to not mix my personal beliefs into this company. The last thing I want to do is run a soulless, detached corporation that's only concerned with business results.

One of the things I believe is that people should not be judged by their exteriors. I've always believed that we should be a different kind of company. One of my first hires here was for a receptionist, I chose someone who had dozens of tattoos and enough piercings in his face to fill a tacklebox. Most everyone said that was a horrible choice for someone that would sit at the front desk. I thought he was perfect. And, he turned out to be a talented young man who went on to become a very good jewelry designer for us.

I also, almost more than anything else, believe in personal freedom and liberty, and the protections to those things that are granted to us in our Constitution. The 14th amendment of the Constitution contains what's called the "equal protection clause" that holds that all people will be held equal under the law regardless of race, religion, wealth, or social standing.

All people shall be held equal under the law. Regardless of anything.

Well, gay folks are people and they are Americans and they deserve the same treatment under the law as anyone else. You may not agree or like their personal behavior, you may not like their choices, you may even think that their lifestyle is contrary to your religion, and I would fiercely defend your right to feel that way and to express your thoughts and feelings openly because that too is a freedom granted us under the Constitution.

That's liberty and it's the most precious thing we have. Even though she may be a little tattered these days, that's still what makes America the greatest country on earth.

That's the first reason I decided to take my company down this path.

The second is that I have the great and blessed good fortune to run a company that deals, mainly, in love. What could be better than that? We sell thousands of engagement rings a year, each one of them is intended to be a symbol of love and commitment.

I believe that love and commitment, regardless from whom they manifest, are forces of good in this world. I believe that denying anyone the right to symbolize their love and commitment is wrong and hurtful.

I'm proud that we are the only major American engagement ring company to publicly back all people's right to love, commit to each other, and yes, marry. Love is a big tent and everyone has a place inside of it.


Gary LaCourt
CEO Diamond Nexus

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